Evaluation a technical that supplies evaluation of spot of product to software, hardware, network, and Internet industry progressive. The technology, the situation report, and the research widely use knowledge of repairing for us to offer various marketings to a corporate vender and the investment community.


Progressive Strategies is dedicated to our concerning maintain of the analysis of a spot of our technology and a high-tech market widely making rival's information product needs for which the user and the IT vender are useful through knowledge.
The strategy takes the wick of the ability. The technical one is a technology assessment. Person's person and high-tech laboratory valuation services progressive are arranged with the product analyst who majors in various products/market area. It works by the product and the competing technology in the state of the spot, and our analyst develops the recommendation with the feature set by a technical sales strategy, and offers it.


Please repair:Critic, evaluator, and guide to guide corporation and competitive edge sales quality assurance from which technical audit and product are seen white paper, benchmark test, and in, and to induce, and to compete for competing goods analysis first. Marketing and PR are repaired. We sweetly offer it for the service of which it informs marketing analysis that is appropriate for a complete high-tech market trend to the public. Marketing and the PR strategy use your profit for us. Ability for our technical evaluation power. Our service: The secretariat of an industrial speaker of PR, marketing research, analysis, press release, user novel, analyst tour, and press/computer is reexamined. Investment advisory business watashi assists IT company and a venture capital community by developing the investment strategy that causes an important business growth.


Service:People and the investor in the town that the strategic partnership development, the business plan development, the financial analysis, the due diligence, and the product adjust first see first. Strategies is that the custom offers the continuous service the corporate report to the vender who uses the product evaluation and the investment community which progressive person of us collects the district to toyuni. Please become a research stain. Research that the area covered:The Internet security, database management, TCP/IP, network management, the application management, the groupware answer, and web development strategy and firewall/Electronic commerce load the ferry.



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